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BTS Reveals Original First Impressions of Each Other

First impressions are powerful, and while BTS has certainly made a huge impression on the culture, by and large, most of us have not stopped to consider their first impressions of each other. They’re as close as a family now, but how were things in the beginning?


When Jungkook first met RM, he wasn’t wearing any pants. He remarked that he was impressed by his powerful thighs.

Jin remembers the funny dance RM was doing the first time he saw him.


Suga remembers J-Hope being incredibly tan when they first met – the most tan person he had ever met.


Jimin recalls the unique clothing worn by Suga at their first meeting – an ugly sportssweater with a smiley face.


Jin recalls Suga was wearing a hat similar to the one he was wearing, but with a feather. They roast him saying that his style has not changed in all this time.


V remembers the unique habits of Jungkook when he was young, where he’d fix his bangs with a special hair spray. The members remember making him pay for their food as was the tradition.


Jimin remembers being fearful of of Jin in their first encounter and thought he was a “scary person.” Jin quietly listened to this recollection before bursting into laughter.


The members remember V wearing an expensive red North Face jacket. He says his mother got it for him so he would stand out and not be bullied when he moved to Seoul.

Watch the full interview below


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