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A Complete Guide to K-Pop

A Guide to K-Pop History, Evolution, and Idol Groups “Oppa Gangnam Style!”  It’s not a traditional phrase you’d expect to hear at a wedding, but Gangnam Style is being sung and danced to in weddings, parties, and fitness classes around the world today.  Turn on the TV, and you’ll see […]

Korean Dramas

South Korea Social Issues in Itaewon Class

How Itaewon Class Navigates Contemporary Social Issues In South Korea Itaewon Class is a K-drama full of fun crazy characters, and that’s where it draws its strengths. In the first episode, the main character, Park Sae-Ro-Yi, punches a classmate for bullying another classmate. It turns out that the bully, Jang […]

Top kpop 12-member boy group TREASURE of YG Entertainment
Korean Music

YG Announces TREASURE’s Official Debut!

After much anticipation, YG Entertainment has announced the debut of its new 12-member boy group TREASURE. The group will be officially debuting July 2020. This is great news for KPOP fans everywhere, as their official debut has been long-awaited. After the departure of TREASURE’s 13th member, Ha Yoonbin, it looks […]